Right-Sizing Aerosol and Liquid Formulations for Travel-Size Products and Packaging

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The growth of small, sample sizes across the personal care, household and over-the-counter (OTC) markets is poised to continue as consumers have become more educated and vocal about their buying options. The rising popularity of these small-sized products is being driven by a perfect storm of customer wishes, with shoppers demanding the mobility, cost and convenience that travel and trial-size products bring.

A variety of products are popping up in travel and trial-sized packaging including everything from moisturizers and body sprays to high-growth products such as breath sprays, lens cleaners, dry shampoo sprays, air/surface disinfectant sprays, odor elimination sprays, hand sanitizers, home fragrance products, and beyond.

When producing travel and trial-size merchandise, product development and packaging experts need to work closely with customers on overall product design. These experienced partners can help brand owners through the entire development process to quickly and efficiently deliver travel-size aerosol and liquid product formulations with the right packaging to please consumers.

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