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Your trusted Formulation, Fill & Packaging Partner for Unique Liquid & Aerosol Over-the-Counter Products

As a value-added strategic partner for aerosol and liquid products, Precise Packaging brings a full-service solution to your next OTC product.  We offer everything from formulation development to product design, compounding, filling, labeling, packaging, delivery – and beyond.

Precise Packaging’s range of OTC products includes oral breath sprays, dental sprays, anti-itch sprays, custom formulations and more.  Our current customers include some of the world’s top names in OTC.  These customers trust Precise Packaging for quality products, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

“Precise Packaging’s delivery and customer service are impeccable – we quickly learned we can count on the Precise Packaging team to do their best and stand behind our products.’ – Supply Chain Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

Our significant expertise in aerosols and non-aerosol products such as powders, liquids, gels, etc. make Precise Packaging the right strategic partner to help solve challenges that arise in the development and manufacturing of new and existing products. Our development experts work closely with customers to turn their OTC product ideas into reality – throughout the entire process of product development including finding the right formulations, manufacturing processes and packaging solutions – even for unique/custom solutions.

“Precise Packaging’s team is always at the top of their game and has earned our confidence in their commitment and quality of work.” – Director of Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical Company

Precise Packaging’s facility is EPA, DEP, ATF, FDA and Medical Device registered. We are a Health Canada approved filler and an Organic Certified Co-Packer.  Bring us your OTC product challenge today, and see what Precise Packaging can do for you.

aerosol liquid hand sanitizers
SPOTLIGHT ON: Hand Sanitizer Products

Designed for use after washing hands or for instances where soap and water are unavailable, hand sanitizers deliver convenient germ protection for killing bacteria and preventing the spread of diseases and contamination wherever consumers may go – from airplanes to doctor’s offices to school settings and beyond.


Bring us your product challenges and find out how we can help make your brands stand out with superior performance, packaging and style.

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