Travel-Size Aerosol and Liquid Products Deliver Convenience for Today’s Mobile Lifestyle

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The popularity of travel-size products across the personal care, household and over-the-counter (OTC) markets is reaching an all-time high. This is largely due to consumer demand for convenient ways to take their favorite products with them on the go in today’s mobile world.

Whether it’s for business trips, vacations or errands, consumers shuffle from practices to meetings to classes on a daily basis. Airline travel restrictions and baggage fees are also incentivizing travelers to forgo checked luggage in favor of a carry-on, limiting gels and aerosols to 3.4-ounce containers. Travel-size products fill the demand for packable items that can be easily thrown into a backpack, purse, briefcase or pocket – at a fraction of the price of their full-size counterparts.

CPG companies, as well as specialty and big-box stores have caught on to this travel-size trend, and are increasingly offering miniaturized trial-size versions of their products. In addition to the traditional staples of mini shampoos and body sprays, a wide variety of high-growth products including breath sprays, lens cleaners, dry shampoo sprays, air and surface disinfectant odor elimination sprays, hand sanitizers, home fragrance products, and beyond are popping up in stores.

Whether your company is launching a new product or looking to offer a lower-priced, travel-size version of an existing product, Precise Packaging guides customers through development and manufacturing. We have over 30 years of specialized expertise filling small-sized packaging to bring high-quality travel-size aerosol and liquid products to market quickly and efficiently.

It is critical for travel-size products to not only look like, but to function as well as their full-size counterparts, so it’s one of the first things we think about when working on a project. Travel-size products require more accurate fill weights with much tighter tolerances, so we partner with customers through formulation and package development, testing/validation, filling, packaging and delivery to produce packaging as small as 5 ml and accommodate crimping of valve sizes from 13 mm up to 1 inch.

As a single-source contract manufacturing partner, we advise customers on how to select the right components and test for stability and compatibility. We also provide recommendations on factors such as the level and type of ingredients in the formulation, packaging and delivery aspects of the finished products. Our product innovations include everything from proprietary flip-top PET packaging for liquid pump sprays to pen-sized aerosol formats that fit in a small purse.

Contact Precise Packaging to learn how we can help you travel-size your aerosol and liquid product formulations, or visit our travel and trial-size products webpage for additional information on our travel-size product capabilities.

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