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Delivering Beyond the Fill.

Precise Packaging is a value-added strategic partner
for aerosol and liquid products.

As a partner, we offer everything from formulation development, to product design, compounding, filling, packaging, delivery and more. We are service oriented and dedicated to quality. Willing to work with our customers, we are a flexible partner, supporting high-to-low volume with a high product mix, short lead times, various fill sizes, and custom product solutions.

Our customers include some of the world’s top brand names in health and beauty, household, and OTC. These customers trust Precise Packaging for quality products, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

Our range of products include body sprays, haircare products, makeup foundation sprays, room sprays, linen sprays, plug-in fragrance units, fragrance oils, oral breath sprays, anti-itch sprays, and other custom solutions. All our solutions are available in full, travel, trial and sample sizes!

Product Development
Bring Us Your Product Challenges

At Precise Packaging, our team of experts will work with you to bring your product idea to reality. Our chemists will develop the best formulations, product designs and more to ensure a quality high-performance product that gets to market quickly. And because we can manage the entire process from idea to delivery, we can be a full, turn-key solution provider at the very best value to you.

Formulation and stability testing are among the many functions of our in-house Lab Team. State-of-the-art technology supports our team in evaluating and developing formulations for an array of applications and our outside-the-box thinking and adaptability has helped our customers succeed in launching new ideas and products first in the market at a competitive cost.   Our experts in all facets of the process allow us to evaluate your needs and execute a plan that will meet your tight deadlines and product launches.

Our Customers Rely On Us For:


Everything from customer-specific product formulations and developments to in-house formulations.


We help customers extend their existing product lines and create new products.


We offer innovative packaging solutions, including custom PET bottles.


We offer globally compliant formulation solutions- allowing our customers to extend their geographic reach.

Filling Capabilities
More than just Small Form Factors

Our innovative team and modern updated facilities ensure a quality fill every time.


  • Aluminum and tin plate
  • Valve sizes: 13/18/20mm, 1”
  • Can diameters from 13mm to 53mm, plus custom sizes
  • Typical fill sizes from 0.25oz to 8oz
  • Personal Care: body mists, colognes, perfumes, EDTs, after-shave lotions, etc.
  • Health & Beauty: haircare products (sprays, oils, etc.), body lotions and oils, etc.
  • Household/Automotive: air fresheners, fragrance spheres, pillow mists, linen sprays, scented warmer oils, plug-in wall unit refills, etc.
  • OTC: hand sanitizers, anti-itch sprays, dental/breath sprays, etc.
  • and more!


  • Plastic, metal & glass
  • Typical sizes from 2ml to custom 16oz fills
  • Personal Care: body sprays, antiperspirants, feminine deodorant sprays, shave foams, body mousses, body/foot powder sprays, etc.
  • Health & Beauty: makeup mousses, foundation sprays, haircare products (hairsprays, mousses, sheen sprays, dry shampoos, etc.)
  • Household/Automotive: room sprays, air fresheners, deodorizers, air/surface disinfectants, lens cleaners, etc.
  • OTC: topical anesthetics, anti-itch sprays, hand sanitizers, etc.
  • and more!

Additionally, our customers rely on us for quality coding and packaging solutions that drive market success. Our capabilities include:

  • Vertical wrap-around (most aerosols)
  • Wrap-around oriented front and back
  • Partial and full
  • Panel labels – Front and back
  • Shrink Sleeves – Printed or un-printed
    • Printed sleeves – May serve as the primary labeling of the package
    • Perforated at the cap to unzip when ready to use
    • Plain sleeves – May serve to hold an informational insert and protect the container finish
    • Perforated at cap or down the side to strip open and remove
    • Tamper evident package
  • CO2 Laser burns code into surface of container or label
    • Cannot smear or run
    • 100% permanent
    • Character size can be very small and still remain perfectly legible
    • Also works well for products where low code visibility is desired.

Getting to Market
Faster and More Efficiently

Procurement is an ongoing challenge that can make the difference in meeting your tight deadlines and product launches.  Precise is associated with every major packaging component company in the world, and is able to quickly get you the answers you need to get your products to market in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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